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Hi, I'm Kevin Dayton

I’m a resident of Monterey, married, and a Dad to two great kids now at Monterey High School. I’ve spent more than 29 years analyzing public policy problems and proposing strategies and solutions to benefit the public good. We’re in a time when our local school district needs leaders with extensive experience and knowledge about the fundamental challenges it faces, particularly with declining enrollment. I’m eager to help if the people of Monterey choose to vote for me in the upcoming election.

Bright Ideas, Bold Vision

Increase Enrollment

Reverse Enrollment Decline

Balance the Budget

Expenditures = Revenue

Keep Military Families

Give Military a Reason to Keep
Remaining Bases in Monterey

Support Teachers

Strengthen Teacher
Recruitment and Retention

Improve Facilities

Bring Lights to Monterey High School Athletic Fields

Ask Me Questions

Increase Enrollment

Bond Measure


- More than 29 years of experience in analysis and strategy for federal, state, and local government public policies
- Government Affairs Liaison for Monterey Peninsula and Salinas Valley Chambers of Commerce
- Chair of the MPUSD Measures P and I Citizens Bond Oversight Committee
- Married to Nancy, a former high school teacher
- B.A. in History, Yale University


Tom Jennings, President of the Monterey Peninsula Unified School District Board of Trustees

Ed Smith, Monterey City Council

In the News

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Taxpayer Group Sues MPUSD Over Records Related to Monterey High Project- Monterey Herald - October 14, 2020

Public policy consultant Kevin Dayton, who’s running against Miramontes and former Monterey Councilwoman Nancy Selfridge for the Trustee Area 3 seat, has expressed support for the Monterey High project in social media and on his campaign website.

Lawsuit Accuses MPUSD of Hiding the Ball - Voices of Monterey Bay - October 14, 2020

One school board candidate, Kevin Dayton, has tweeted that he strongly supports the lighting project and refers to lighting studies cited by project opponents as “junk science.” He also accuses project opponents of abusing California environmental quality statutes.

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